H1b visa stamping Chennai dropbox experience

When preparing for visa stamping, certain consulates waive personal appearances and allow them to use drop box facility instead. Of course, this is not allowed for all applicants. Dropbox facility can be availed by people with visa type including H1b visa. This is a post about a drop box experience in Chennai consulate for H1b visa. At Chennai, people with H1b stamping expired within the last year (of same visa type) is qualified for the drop box. Last stamping could be in a different consulate or through a different employer. Both are allowed.

Here are the steps,

  • Went to the drop box facility (Can walk in any time, with the drop box confirmation letter)

  • Security let me in directly without the queue. However, mobile phone was not allowed inside

  • Person at the counter were professional. They asked for Passports (mine and spouse) including expired ones

  • Copy of I797, DS160 confirmation page, 1 photograph each was asked

  • Everything was verfied and finally my drop box confirmation letter was stamped and returned back to me

  • I was told I will get our passports back in a week

  • Online status changed to “issued” in a week

  • I collected the passports a week later from Blue Dart facility. Needed to show the original photo id of both myself and my spouse. Also, carried the stamped confirmation page

The whole process was less stressful than actual visa stamping experiences. Hopefully, this process is continued for long time.

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