H4 EAD documents - popular checklist. Print, follow and avoid mistakes

This is the printable document checklist for H4 EAD application process

H4 EAD Documents checklist

Documents from H4 visa holder
  1. Check for $410, payable to “US Department of Homeland Security”
  2. Two identical 2x2-inch color passport-style photo
  3. Proof of H4 status
  4. Identification document with photo
    • A copy of recent EAD (If available)
    • A copy of passport with biometric information (example: first and last page) and the visa page (if present)
    • A copy of birth certificate with photo ID
    • A copy of national photo ID
  5. A copy of marriage certificate
  6. Completed Form I-765
    • Write (c)(26) for eligibility criteria
  7. Primary H1 visa holder document: A copy of approved I-140 (I-797 approval notice). Request from your Employer or file a FOIA if not available
  8. E-notification (optional): Completed form G-1145
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