Fill Form G-639 to request Immigration records

This post contains information about how to fill the form G-639.

The form asks to give the purpose? Can I skip it?

Yes. It’s not required.

The form asks for a A-number? What is it?

Alien number (A#) is a number USCIS uniquely assigns to you after your I140 is approved. This number is carried all the way through to your green card. If you have obtained a visa extension with approved I140, your I797 should have the A-number. This is not the same as labour/PERM number (example: A-xxxxx-xxxxx).

People have indicated this is also not the same A# printed on the OPT EAD cards for people who studied in the US. However, A-# is not a mandatory item. Doesn’t hurt to have though.

Is it mandatory to get the FOIA application notarized?

No. You can also choose “Sign under perjury”. It’s up to you to decide.

Where do I send the documents?

You can either send using an email or a normal mail.

Email: [email protected]

Physical address: National Records Center (NRC)
FOIA/PA Office
P.O. Box 648010
Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-8010

What happens after making the FOIA request?

USCIS sends a physical letter to your address with a control # within 2-3 weeks. This number can be used to track your case

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