Alien registration number - 4 ways to get yours!

Alien registration number is an unique 7-9 digit unique number assigned by USCIS to permanent immigrants of the U.S. It is also commonly referred to as “A-number” (A#) or USCIS number.

Typically, USCIS assigns a A-number for immigrants applying for permanent residency (green card). It is also assigned in other situations like at the time of applying for employment authorization document (EAD). A-number is unique to an individual and is it constant throughout the lifetime of the immigrant. Hence, it’s almost like a social security number for immigration. USCIS archives all the immigration applications, documents identified by the A-number and the same can be obtained by filing a USCIS FOIA through the A-number.

Example A-numbers look like, 000-000-773

How do I find my alien registration number?

If you think you have a A#, you can obtain from your immigration documents like greencard, EAD etc. If you don’t have any of them then you can directly ask USCIS.

Green card

If you have a green card, your A-number will be printed on the card. Some old cards may have it printed on the back of the card, while most of the cards have it printed on the front.

alien registration number


If you have a Employment Authorization Document (EAD), your A-number would be printed on the card. It may be called USCIS # on the card. Typically, for students who are on F1 visa and who have obtained OPT work permit, this is an easy way to get their number.

alien registration number

Form I-797 Approval notices

In many cases USCIS prints the USCIS# on the I797 approval notices. For example, USCIS assigns a A# for an immigrant whose form I140 is approved for employment based permanent residency. Such immigrant’s H1b application I797 approval notices contain their A-number.

USCIS Infopass appointment

If you are not able to find your USCIS# in your existing immigration documents, you can get it directly from USCIS through their infopass appointment. Since the alien registration number is personal and confidential information, USCIS does not share it over phone. So schedule an infopass appointment and be prepared to present your ID proof. Upon verification, USCIS will disclose your number. It’s a free service from USCIS.

H1b visa:

H1b visa is a non-immigrant visa, hence a H1b applicant doesn’t typically have an A-number. However, USCIS assigns an one when the H1b recipient’s I-140 is approved for green card. is typically printed on any H1b approvals notices (Form I-797) subsequent to the I140 approval.

F1 visa:

F1 visa, like the H1b is not a permanent residency visa. Hence, there are no A# assigned to a student. However, it is assigned when the student applies for OPT EAD. The number is printed on the EAD card.

Does A# appear in I-94?

No I-94 is not printed on the I-94. Not all immigrants have a USCIS#. And even for the ones that have one, it’s not printed on the I-94.

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